Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Do You See?

Look for the beauty and value in people.

What do you see when you interact with people.  Do some irritate you with various habits?  Do you admire some people for their positive qualities?  Do you feel comfortable around some people and uncomfortable around others? 
Learn to see the beauty and value of everyone. For some will teach you to develop characteristics that you admire in them, while others will teach you to soften the traits that you dislike, and a few will teach you that it is perfectly okay to be who you are because they are comfortable with themselves. Open your vision to see these values and you will honor every relationship.
Today, begin practicing seeing people as reflections of your own likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to more fully understand who YOU are.  Every relationship is a gift of awareness.  Open the gift.

Be Happy, my Friends-
Laura barrette Shannon

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