Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do You Need Help?

HELP! ~ If you are unsure of something or need help, whether it be advice on where to get something fixed, insight to solve a problem, or just directions when you are lost, JUST ASK someone!! People are generally helpful and like to share their knowledge and experiences with others.  Giving people a chance to help us is a great way to foster your relationships.  It makes others feel useful when they can make a difference in your life.  That's one of the most important parts of a relationship- feeling needed or acknowledging that you make a difference.

Sometimes people think it is best to handle everything themselves.  They believe that being independent is the ultimate goal of life. Being independent is great, but being interdependent is even better. No man is an island.  We are all interconnected and as such have great ability to aid and influence the lives around us.  Allow yourself to be a part of this, by allowing yourself to receive help when needed.  The synergistic relationships we can build by reaching out to others is an invaluable part of life. You will be amazed at what you can learn by just asking questions! ♥
Be Happy, my Friends-
Laura Barrette Shannon

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