Monday, July 11, 2011

Are You a Mindless Eater?

Do you do this?

ARE YOU A MINDLESS EATER? Do you pay attention to the savory aromas, delicious tastes, and textures of the food you eat? Do you thoroughly chew your food or woof it down? Are you enjoying your meals or are you watching TV, surfing the internet or working while eating? Most of us eat multiple times a day, yet unfortunately, most of us are thinking about something else while we are doing it.  When we are mindlessly eating we are missing out on one of the most fundamental sensory experiences of being human.
Today, practice being aware of how you eat. Turn off the electronics, take a break from working, and be a mindful eater not a mindless eater. Pay attention to the aroma, tastes, and textures.  Chew each bite at least ten times and slow down.  Put the fork or sandwich down between bites. Take your time.  Young children do this naturally.  As we aged, somehow we learned to eat faster and to multitask while doing it.  
By being present and slowing down you'll enjoy the experience more and be helping your digestion too!  You may even discover that you eat less because your body has a chance to recognize that it is full, giving you the signal to stop eating.  
Appreciating your food is one simple step to enjoying life.
 Bon appetite! :)

Laura barrette Shannon


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  2. Julie,
    Thank you so much for the kind words. Your comment is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to reading your blog. I always delighted to connect with like minded people.
    Laura :)