Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are You Living?

ALLOW yourself to experience the small pleasures of life. It's through enjoying the most ordinary moments that we begin to live.
You can not own
a shimmering sunset,
or crystal stars of night.
You can not own
a brilliant blowing breeze,
or the spark of sweet sunlight.

You can not keep
a fragrant floral scent,
or an infant's sleepy sigh.
You can not keep
love's first embrace,
or life's ecstatic highs.

You can not possess
that time which went by
before you were even born.
You can not possess
those memories made
long after you are gone.

So experience enjoyment
in each moment,
immerse in sight, sense, and sound.
Appreciate this world
for all that it is,
that's where abundance is found.

"Abundance" from Awakening Perception
by Laura Barrette Shannon 2003

Today, I open myself to see the things I usually don't see, to hear things I usually miss, and to experience life and those I meet with an open heart so that 
I may have greater understanding and appreciation for life.

Be Happy, my Friends-

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