Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Step: Intend to Be Happy

INTENT is the SEED of creation. Set your intent to have peace of mind and happiness. Without this intent, your mind will develop a million reasons why you shouldn't be happy. The power of intent will keep your mind focused on the goal, not the obstacles, allowing the seed to grow. 

This is where I started. Years ago, I was in a place of personal hell, until I set the intent to become happy and at peace with myself and life. It didn't happen over night, but I can tell you that it would never have happened if I didn't set the intent.  

Evaluate the way you have been thinking.  Do you believe that you will never be happy?  Do you concentrate on why you are not happy?  These thoughts will only reinforce your unhappy mindset.  

Take the first step- plant the seed, "I live a life of joy and peace."  Repeat this as often as necessary and one day you will realize that you do indeed live a life of happiness.  Remember to be patient with your progress.  A flower doesn't grow in one day.  But it will never grow if you don't plant the seed.

many blessings~


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Judge Yourself?

DO YOU JUDGE YOURSELF? When we chastise ourselves it lowers our self esteem and leaves a feeling of sadness. The best way to stop those thoughts is to stop judging other people. It is when we can allow others to err and not focus on their imperfections that we release our own self judgement. By being more tolerant of others we begin to be more tolerant of our own shortcomings. Just like you, most people are doing the best they can with the state of mind they have in any given moment. Everyone has their own personal battles. Knowing this allows feelings of compassion to rise within you. Be kind to others and you will be kinder to yourself.
many blessings-

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do You Savor Your Food?

One of the simplest joys in life is eating, yet we often miss this opportunity because our minds are somewhere else. Pay attention to the unique textures, delicious aromas, and savory flavors. To really experience the joy of eating we need to Eat slowly, turn off the TV, and tune into one of life's great pleasures! 

First, if you are preparing your own food, take this time to appreciate the journey that the food has taken to arrive in your kitchen.  Focus on how lovely the food will be on your plate, and begin to imagine the wonderful taste of each dish.

When you're ready to eat, eliminate distractions like the TV.  Create an environment that is soothing and pleasant.  If you are dining with someone else, don't lose yourself in the conversation.  Pause while talking to savor the eating experience with each bite.  You can fully enjoy your meal and your delightful company at the same time.

I enjoyed delicious sushi last night with a good friend. Every bite exploded in my mouth with such perfection. We both use this time to eat with awareness and laugh about how we moan, "Mmm, this is so good!"  Besides the joy of the experience, when we savor our food, we eat slower and we eat less.   

Experiencing eating is one simple step to enjoying life!  :)  

Bon appetit!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Are You Worth?

SELF WORTH should not be defined by your level of education, income, or career. Instead, let your self worth be linked to good character, compassion, and how much love you spread in the world.  It's not what you do for a living, it's who you ARE that matters!

I learned this lesson in 1999, when I had to quit work because of health issues. It made me re-evaluate my self worth; up until then I had built myself up on my accomplishments and "important" job. This was false worth, since it could be taken away. Now, I build upon myself from the inside, which can never be taken unless I take it from myself. 

It can be challenging to see ourselves without the labels and boxes that society uses to define us. When we place more emphasis on who we are as a person, rather than the roles we play, our self worth becomes an integral part of who we are.  This is true self esteem.  Simply be worthy by being worthy!  
Have a happy day  :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are You in Love with Life?

Happiness is being "in love" with life. Does your heart skip a beat when you feel the warmth of sunlight, as well as when the rain wets your hair? When we allow our happiness to be affected by external sources, we are living with conditional happiness.  This type of happiness is temporary and will only be felt when the conditions are just right.  Be aware of this way of thinking the next time you feel down or blue.  Learn to appreciate life's tides, flowing with your day as it unfolds.  Remind yourself that every rainstorm comes to an end, and that even the flowers bow their heads in respect, because they know that the storm is for their own growth.

Fall in UNCONDITIONAL love with life. When you love unconditionally you will overlook the negative and naturally focus on the positive- you'll love life no matter what happens.

Enjoy your day!  :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Are Most Children Happier Than Adults?

Why are most children happier than adults?

1. Children live in the moment, where they can fully enjoy whatever they are doing.

2. Children love to PLAY: They enjoy being outside in nature, looking at clouds, even playing in the rain!

3. Children let their emotions flow with full passion and then release them. They can be angry one minute and laughing the next.

4. Children use their imaginations, opening their world to the impossible.

How can you be like a child today?