Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Step: Intend to Be Happy

INTENT is the SEED of creation. Set your intent to have peace of mind and happiness. Without this intent, your mind will develop a million reasons why you shouldn't be happy. The power of intent will keep your mind focused on the goal, not the obstacles, allowing the seed to grow. 

This is where I started. Years ago, I was in a place of personal hell, until I set the intent to become happy and at peace with myself and life. It didn't happen over night, but I can tell you that it would never have happened if I didn't set the intent.  

Evaluate the way you have been thinking.  Do you believe that you will never be happy?  Do you concentrate on why you are not happy?  These thoughts will only reinforce your unhappy mindset.  

Take the first step- plant the seed, "I live a life of joy and peace."  Repeat this as often as necessary and one day you will realize that you do indeed live a life of happiness.  Remember to be patient with your progress.  A flower doesn't grow in one day.  But it will never grow if you don't plant the seed.

many blessings~


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