Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are You in Love with Life?

Happiness is being "in love" with life. Does your heart skip a beat when you feel the warmth of sunlight, as well as when the rain wets your hair? When we allow our happiness to be affected by external sources, we are living with conditional happiness.  This type of happiness is temporary and will only be felt when the conditions are just right.  Be aware of this way of thinking the next time you feel down or blue.  Learn to appreciate life's tides, flowing with your day as it unfolds.  Remind yourself that every rainstorm comes to an end, and that even the flowers bow their heads in respect, because they know that the storm is for their own growth.

Fall in UNCONDITIONAL love with life. When you love unconditionally you will overlook the negative and naturally focus on the positive- you'll love life no matter what happens.

Enjoy your day!  :)

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