Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook Awareness

What you post affects the world.
For those of you who use Facebook,  what you share on your page is spread to all of your friend's news feeds.  I'm sure that most of you realize this.  But are you aware of the impact of what you post for those who read it?  Before you decide to share something with the world, ask yourself a few questions:
Is it positive?  Will this post plant seeds of happiness or seeds of drama and stress?  Will this post possibly be upsetting to some people?  Is this the affect I want to be in the world?  How does this post make others see me? What you put out on the internet is amplified much more than just telling one person.  Would you feel comfortable saying the same thing in a mass e-mail to your friends? Would you put it on a sign in front of your house?  Why or why not?  The affect is the same- mass amplification of your message.
Some of the negative posts I've seen on my own news feed were basically rants of people who are upset at the moment and post about it. This type of activity only increases the drama of the situation by pulling so many more people into it.  
If we only knew the dramatic impact we have on all the people who read our posts, would we be more cautious about spreading drama and negativity?  Raise your awareness, and be the change you want to see in the world.
Be happy, my Friends-

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