Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beware of Picking up Poison Bags!

If someone threw a bag of poison at you, would you pick it up, carry it around, and look in the bag once in a while, making yourself sick? When someone insults you, puts you down, or ridicules you, it is like a toxic bag of poison. If you walk away with those toxic thoughts in your head, they will poison your peace of mind and self worth.  Every time you think about it, it's like opening the bag and making yourself sick.  Do NOT take possession of it by paying attention to it.  Ignore the statement, because any defense just gives it more attention and power over you.  What you do not acknowledge as an attack, you need not defend. Walk away from it and think of it no more. The toxic bag isn't yours unless you claim it as such.   No one has the power to hurt us with their words, unless we give them the power by believing them.
Be Happy, my Friends-

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