Thursday, June 16, 2011

Looking for Love?

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LOOKING FOR LOVE? If you want to draw more loving relationships into your life, first you must GIVE more love to those around you. When we give ourselves to others in service and genuine loving kindness we open our heart, which allows us to receive more love. If your heart isn't open, then how can love get in?

OPEN HEART CHALLENGE: This week, tell 10 (that's right 10) people that you love or appreciate them for being part of your life. Don't just say it, follow it up with details. 
Examples: Coworker- "I really appreciate the the time we share at lunch. You are a good friend." Neighbor- "I love being your neighbor. You are always so friendly, I feel blessed to have you next door." Mailman: "I've never really had a chance to tell you that I appreciate all the hard work you do delivering my mail. Thank you!"

You get the idea. Be creative, seek out people who are often ignored in their role in your life, janitors, sales clerks, long lost relatives and distant friends. This exercise will effectively open your heart and also spread love to others, sometimes making their whole day better with just a few simple words. Spread the seeds of happiness and you will be amazed at how good you feel too. Practice opening your heart and you will be amazed at the response from people around you. They will be drawn to you like a magnet! 

Be Happy, my Friends-
Laura Barrette Shannon

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  1. Magnificent post! Very good advice along with good karma!