Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are You Punching Yourself in the Mirror?

"JUDGE NOT lest ye be judged."
Most of us have heard this warning, yet many do not really understand the deeper meaning. When we judge others with our criticism and condemnations we are expressing our beliefs about our own selves. For example, if you are disgusted when you see fat people wearing tight clothing, you have is...sues within yourself about being overweight, or being seen by others in unflattering clothing. If you tend to nit pick the world, always seeing every little thing that is wrong, you will have these same feelings about your own self, never being satisfied with who you are. The world is a mirror. Be aware of this valuable tool of self introspection. The better you understand yourself and why you act and see things the way you do, the more awareness and personal power you will have for self transformation! Judge others less, and you will judge yourself less.
Be Happy, my Friends!
Laura Barrette Shannon

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