Monday, May 30, 2011

How Can I get Over of This Pain?

"I FEEL SO HURT, how can I get over this pain?" This question is common. Emotional pain is like a vicious dog. When you direct anger it's way it will get an emotional surge and bark louder. The first step is to stop focusing on the pain, stop repeating the story over and over to your friends and to yourself in your mind. The second step is to make peace with the dog. To make peace with your pain you begin to realize that when people do and say things to hurt other people it is a reflection of their own fears and emotional pain. As you move toward happiness and peace of mind you will begin to have compassion on them, because they are stuck in the darkness and are suffering. What ever people do is never about you, it is about them and their state of mind at the time. Reflect on these thoughts when you feel anger and resentment towards another. This will help you move past the emotional pain and finally let it go. 
Many blessings to you all
~ Laura Barrette Shannon

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