Monday, May 9, 2011

Become the Watcher

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CONNECT to your higher self! You have the power to be however you choose to be in any situation. One easy way to connect to your higher self is to BECOME THE WATCHER- see how you usually react to people and situations.   Bring your awareness into watching mode by paying attention to your patterns of being, and questioning your thoughts and behavior. Then you can see if how you are acting is in alignment with who you desire to be.  You may be surprised to find that when you come from a place of reaction you are not in alignment with how you would choose to respond if you had given the situation a moment of thought.   Once you have attained this "watcher" awareness you will have the power to respond to life instead of operating with your automatic default reactions. Then you can choose love over fear, peace over conflict, and happiness over despair. ♥
Don't judge your efforts.  Any amount of attention you give to this practice will enhance your ability to move into watcher mode at will.  Have fun with this exercise.  You may learn things you never knew about yourself.  :)


Laura Barrette Shannon

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