Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Ripple Effect- It Starts with You

Like a pebble dropped into a pond
our lives affect many, today and beyond,
causing ripples with what we say
in those we touch throughout the day.
One kind word or action well done
can change the world for someone.
Our thoughts, opinions, and attitudes
are absorbed by all, influencing moods.
Never underestimate the power of words,
'cause what is said is always heard,
rippling waves through space and time,
so keep speech positive and actions kind.

"Rippling Waves' from Awakening Perception 

Today, see how many smiles you can receive in response to your own bright smile.  Watch how the world responds to you.  You do not even have to say a word to affect others.  Your expressions, the way you move, even the way you feel is emanated out from you onto others- whether you want it to or not.  How you are affects others.  When you are in a rushed or anxious state of mind, it will influence those around you.  When you are calm and have a warm expression, it will make others feel at ease.  With awareness, you will be able to monitor your moods and begin to regulate them to more neutral or positive expressions of being.  If you feel agitated, just by changing your outward expression by consciously smiling, breathing slow, and moving slower, you will begin to feel calmer.  You can be a positive influence on your own emotional body as well as be a positive force in the world.

Today's meditation is to ponder how we start ripples that affect more people than we will ever know. 

Please make your ripples something you want amplified, because they are.
What are you amplifying to the world today?


Laura Barrette Shannon

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  1. Love your blog! I'm in the process of starting my own blog and was sharing about how the ripple effect change change someones's surroundings. I was looking for a graphic to use and found the one you used which led me to your blog! See - one things leads to the next. My rippling motion lead to your blog. Being a principal, I always use the ripple effect to explain to my students how one choice can lead to a "ripple" of events. Today I helped 3 children realize how important their choices are and what impact they can have on others.