Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Everyone Is a Teacher

A Grandfather and his young grandson pass a drunken homeless man, begging on the street. The Grandfather is not a wealthy man by any means, living off of his Social Security check. As they go by, Grandfather pulls out his wallet, takes out a ten dollar bill and hands it to the man, saying, "Thank you, my teacher. May God Bless you." As they walk away the Grandson is confused. "Grandpa, how can he be your teacher, he is much younger than you, and he is just some drunk homeless guy?" The Grandfather smiles and explains, "My child, teachers come in all ages and disguises. This man is my teacher today, for he has reminded me to be grateful for the prosperity in my life, to appreciate my daily meals and warm bed to sleep. He has taught me the dangers of self indulgence, given me an opportunity to express unconditional compassion, and an opportunity to share with someone who has less than I do. I only gave him ten dollars. He gave me a whole sermon of lessons!"

Learn to see everyone as a teacher. Some will teach you by offering admirable qualities. Others will show you traits that you may wish to soften in yourself. Some will teach you to be yourself, because of how authentic they are. Everyone can offer a lesson. Be grateful for every relationship. Each one is a holy encounter. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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