Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Be a Helping Hand

So many times when we take the focus off of ourselves and work to help others, our own problems shrink in size!~Angie Hoover Lawson

This is great advice. Do you feel overwhelmed with your own problems? Or feel like your in a "funk"? Offer to help someone in need.  Become aware of the when people could use some help.  There are so many opportunities to be of service.  It can be as simple as giving someone a ride to the store or offering to do yard work to the old widow next door. Even just bringing someone a warm meal or a plate of cookies can make their whole day brighter. When we pay attention to the needs of others, we're not only helping them, we are helping ourselves in the process. It opens our heart which allows us to feel more love.  Lift the spirits of two people, give someone a helping hand today!
Be Happy, my Friends-
Laura Barrette Shannon

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