Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is Your Cup Overflowing?

Is Your Cup Overflowing?
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When your cup is full -STOP POURING!

Do you take on more than you can handle and then feel stressed? Do you have a problem saying "no" or try to please everyone all the time?  Trying to do more than you can handle is like pouring hot coffee into a cup that is already full.  If you keep pouring it will burn you.  It's alright to pace yourself, choosing to do what is important to you, and not committing to everyone and everything that vies for your attention.  Remember, if you are overworked and over stressed, then you won't be much good to anyone. Practice setting boundaries and limits on how many things you schedule, then you will have time to drink that cup of life with joy!

Many Blessings~

Laura Barrette Shannon

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