Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Man with No Sense

The Man with No Sense

A man with a head full of gray
takes a walk with his brown hound-dog,
black soles pound hard on the pavement,

yet, he doesn't feel the weight of the steps,
his thoughts are spent on unfulfilled debt.
His mind is full. His wallet is red.

A rust colored wren sings a song,
the dog's long ears stand high-
Its Zen call for attention!

But this grey man has no sense.
His mind is busy with voice
deaf from the committee in his head.

A pink picket fence overflows
with purple blue lilacs in bloom,
perfumed air permeates their path,

catching a whiff, the dog sniffs,
-but the man's nose is closed,
clogged with the odor of rotting regret.

Then, they come upon a dark muddy puddle
The brown mutt barks and jumps
But the man’s eyesight is blurry

Drunk with worry, he hurries ahead,
blindly he steps into the muck
black soles now as muddy as his head.

Laura B Shannon

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