Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Is Real

(Original art "Breathe" by Laura Crescio
Acrylic on canvas board)
In this world of chaotic change
 I Am at peace. 
Breath of tranquility 
Calms my restless mind.
  Just being Present
 Blocks emotional turmoil,
Reminding me  What is Real.

"What Is Real" from Awakening Perception

The painting above was created by a woman in a Federal Prison Camp in Greenville, Illinois.  Laura Crescio may be surrounded by physical walls, but her mind is free.  The inner expression of life comes out in artistic expression, allowing moments of total clarity and peace.  The painting is aptly named "Breathe", as it is the breath of life which connects us to life.

We must remind ourselves that we always have the ability to reconnect with what is real.  What is real is the life within us, and around us.  The chaos we may feel arises when we are disconnected from ourselves.  We become caught up in our thoughts, stuck inside our heads, not paying attention to our surroundings or our sense of living.  

Take a few minutes to feel the life within you.  Breath deeply and slowly as you inhale the energy of life, and exhale yourself into the world.  You are interconnected with this life force all the time.  We need only take the time to pay attention to it and reap the rewards of coming home to what is real.

Breathe, and be Happy my friends!

Laura Barrette Shannon

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